Saturday, 12 September 2015

ATC Received

Look what landed in my mail box last week! This lovely Cluckity Cluck Artist Trading Card from Karen! Aren't these chickens cute?! And isn't the garden just amazing?! Thank you so much, Karen! When I saw this card on Flickr, I really liked it. There is something heartwarming and sweet about this card. So many different colours, textures and plenty of tiny stitches.

I also really like this small greeting card. I am a big fan of hedgehogs as you might know, but this one is a special one - it's a patchwork hedgehog. When I saw this card, it inspired me to reproduce the same image using fabric scraps and some stitches, and to turn it into something. I am not sure if I succeed with this idea, but I am definitely going to give it a try.

Update: I have just received an email from Karen letting me know some information about this card after she visited my blog and realised how much I like it. This is what she wrote:"The picture is from one of a couple of card kits I have of textile artist Abigail Mill. Usually it's done in fresh colours and dainty prints with pretty trims, but this was a set of pictures that were commissioned called Tweedies. If you would like to look at more of her work you can search her in Google and look at images of her work or she has a website am sure you will like her work."

What can I say... Thank you so much, Karen!!! Of course I googled Abigail right away and checked out her website and I absolutely fell in love with her style. I have also just purchased a kindle edition book written by Abigail Mill called Applique Art (The Textile Artist) and I cannot wait till later tonight when I have some free quiet time to go through it. So excited!!!

Well, Ali's seventh ATC swap is over and the Flickr group has been flooded yet again with an amazing variety of creativity and inspirations. If you have a minute, head over to the Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap Group on Flickr and check out the cards made for this round called "My Favourite...". There is so much to see there! Have a wonderful Sunday! Larisa xox


  1. Oh, what a sweet ATC and card. It's wonderful to see how differently people interpret the theme.

    1. It's been quite a creative swap, so many interesting "favourites" and interpretations.