Saturday, 19 September 2015

Pencil Zipper Pouch

You know what I like the best about this pouch? The cherries of course! Little bright red berries. I got carried away and did not even notice how I covered the entire front of the pouch with them. It was a real cherry overload, so I had to "pick" quite a few.

This paper pieced pencil was a test run when I was working on the "Mousy Mail" notepad cover. The pencil turned out to be too bulky for the size of the envelope and the note, even though I reduced the size a few times. So I constructed a thin pencil instead for the cover and put this one away in a box with some unfinished tidbits. A few days ago I came across this piece. It looked nice and bright, and just kept asking to be sewn in to something. A little zipper pouch it is.

Just a few red cherries, a simple embroidery that gives a little bit of colour and some character to otherwise plain linen.

I used bright yellow cotton with lemons and red cherries for the inside of the pouch. All together it makes such a jolly summery combination I think. And the red zipper just adds to the whole happy mood.

How could I go without a little label? I think I am addicted to this new way of making them. It does not even look like a label but rather it looks like an old fashioned patch with a bit of cuteness to it.

Can you have enough of little pouches? I cannot. Especially when they are so easy to sew. There are plenty of tiny bits and pieces that you can keep inside. Store cards, vouchers, maybe some make-up items, tiny toys or pencils or simply fill it with some candies or chocolates to have a special treat on the go or some muesli bars if you are after a healthier option.

No matter what I do with this pouch, I am just glad that I found a good use for an otherwise forgotten unfinished piece. Sew scrappy and be happy! Larisa xox


  1. I love the little cherries which add a real summery feel to your lovely pouch!

    1. Thank you very much, Dina! I enjoyed playing around with these cherries a lot. So much fun!