Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Cross-Stitch Bookmarks

Where and how do you find inspirations for things you create? For me, the process of finding new inspirations is always different and quite often it's unexpected, something I see or something I make leads to a new idea and it's a never ending story. It always fascinates me because I don't know what I am going to make next. Just like with these cross-stitch bookmarks.

You probably remember the mini cross-stitch designs I played with recently. I pinned the small pieces of embroidered linen on my inspiration board along with some other bits and pieces that I find interesting. While I was embroidering these tiny flowers, I had no plans on how to use them, I made them just for my own amusement. I thought of a few linen covered buttons maybe but was not too sure. So I just left the designs on the board and kept looking at them while working on some other projects.

When I made the baby book, I used this lovely pink gingham fabric, a small piece of it ended up on the inspiration board as well, next to the cross-stitch flowers. I kept working on other things and looking at the board from time to time without any thinking really. But then one evening I clearly saw what I wanted to make - two simple bookmarks. The strawberry is still on my board waiting for me to get inspired.

I really like the simplicity of the design of the flowers and the lovely pinks. A bit of linen, a bit of cotton, some lace and a snippet of rick rack trim. Oh, and of course some spare time, not much really and a mood for sewing.

So easy and amusing, and quick to make too. These bookmarks can be a nice small gift for a friend or a teacher or just for yourself.

Talking about inspirations... I received a lovely package yesterday and I got inspired by a post card that I found inside. Oh! One more thing goes on my To Do List. :-) Happy inspirations! Larisa xox