Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Splendid Sampler: Blocks No.19, No.25, No.27, No.28 and No.33

It's The Splendid Sampler time again. Let's start with the block No.19 "Measure Twice, Cut Once" designed by Jane Davidson. What can I say...this block is all about me. I have to admit, I am always in a hurry to cut instead of checking the measurements, and then I find myself with bits and pieces that are way too short. Just like this block itself. Can you believe it?! Do you see that extra piece on the right hand side? It was not supposed to be there, but because I was in a hurry to grab and use the scissors, I snipped the pink "measuring tape" piece shorter than I needed and there were not any pink pieces left. I really must read this and remember every time I am sewing. Maybe I should make a mini quilt and put it on a wall next to my machine so I can always see this reminder.

The next one is block No.25 by Anne Sutton called "Sunday Best". What a fun block to make! When I saw this block popping up on Instagram, I thought it was a bonus block and was not planning on making one since I can hardly keep up with the main blocks of the project. But then I realised that it was one of the actual blocks and it was applique that I am liking more and more now. I enjoyed so much choosing the fabrics for this block. This smartly dressed Mr Bunny is so sophisticated. Don't you like his gingham vest and a white shirt? I am just wondering where is he off to on a sunny spring morning with such a lovely tulip.

Next up is block No.27 "Sewing Machine" by Pat Sloan. Absolutely love this block! When I was little, I had a toy sewing machine that could actually sew. It was silvery blue with a red base and a red wheel. Unfortunately, it got lost when we moved house. This block reminded me so much of quiet winter evenings when we would sit with my Mum and she would teach me how to sew or I would be playing next to her while she made me a new dress or a dress-up costume. Mum taught me a blanket stitch one day and I was so happy that I could sew more clothes for my dolls all by myself. But with time passing by, I practically forgot about the blanket stitch, it looked to me almost like something childish and not neat enough. Silly, I know. This block returned me to my childhood and reminded me of the joy of my first sewing steps and my love for the blanket stitch.

Phew! Block No.28 "Stitching Fashion" designed by Charise Randell. I have to say that I love Charise's designs. They are simply amazing! This block was not that easy to execute, quite a few people found it fiddly, but it was fun to make and the result is beautiful. This block is very sentimental to me. It brought back so many memories of my Mum, of things she sewed for me, the way she used to put together the smallest scraps of fabric to make an outfit, trying on warm woollen socks on my tiny feet while I was half asleep late at night. I had to make this dress pink. When I was little a dress that was not pink was not a good dress to me. And just like my Mum, I tried mixing up a few different prints, just tiny scraps that I had. Such a sweet block!

Block No.33 "Selvage Saver" by Pat Sloan. Oh! It was hard to part with some of the pretty selvages from my collection. I know it's silly to simply hold onto these pieces of fabric, but they are so cute. I had a little "talk" in my head trying to convince myself that it was ok to use them. It's much better to to use the selvages in such a nice way instead of keeping them packed away in a tin. Love this block!

I mentioned before that every block comes with a short story, with some precious memories that inspired the designs of these blocks. By making each and every block, I am reminded on my own stories, precious memories, small dear things and slowly slowly this quilt (if I ever finish it) is becoming my own. So special and sweet! Hope you are having a lovely week everybody! Larisa xox


  1. These are such pretty blocks and you've made them so beautifully. My friend and I really enjoyed your adventures with the "Measure Twice" block - it gave us a good laugh, which my friend sorely needed. Thank you fir that, Larisa.

    1. I am glad, Dina, you and your friend enjoyed my sewing adventures. As long as I can laugh at myself and the mistakes I make, I think I am going to be OK. :-) I don't think I will ever learn the rule of measuring twice, even if I put sticky notes all around myself. :-) Hope you are well Dina and the summer is not too hot for you this year. xox

  2. Oh, I know about measuring wouldn't hurt to measure twice as much. But still,we mess up, even professionals do...
    As for blanket stitch...uh,I do think it *is* childish and untidy (most of the time)...often because I see a too heavy thread used on fine fabric... And so I think of this stitch as of one much better suited for embroidery (like hardanger); for applique I prefer tiny hidden stitches or whip stitch
    Thanks for sharing :)

    1. That's so true, Lily. I can only remind myself to measure twice or more and see what happens. I am with you on tiny hidden stitches for applique. It's a much neater way. I had to use the blanket stitch to save the time, but I do like how these blocks turned out. :-)

    2. Sorry about complaining... :}
      I like seeing people's progress on splendid sampler, the different ways their blocks turn out...
      Your bunny and sewing machine look lovely

    3. Oh, nothing to be sorry about Lily! I love hearing people's opinions about my work, it's all a part of the creative and learning process. :-) It amazes me how one block, one idea is done in so many different and unique ways. Thank you Lily for taking your time to "talk" to me. :-)