Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Work in Progress: Hoot... Hoot... Hoot...

Last year, when my sewing and stitching adventures just began, I came across a not very clear embroidery pattern for these adorable owls on the internet. They were cute. I fell in love. I had to embroider them. I really did. They were too charming to simply leave them on paper. I used small pieces of Irish linen. Small, because I was only practicing and had no intention of using this work for anything. Plus I had to do a lot of guessing work because of the poor quality of the pattern.

Two little friends spent almost a year in a box with some unfinished projects, but a couple of days ago I got them out. I got them out because all of a sudden I knew what they would be turned into. Something simple, something small, something that can be enjoyed by all.


  1. Sometimes you just have to let things wait and then suddenly you know what to do! They turned out lovely! I've been really into owls, lately, too :)

  2. They are so cute!! Can't wait to see what you are going to turn them into!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with them!

  4. You are so right Karen. You just have to wait for the right moment for the inspiration to come. I wish I had the original copy of the pattern, I think it was in German. I love owls the most out of all birds.

    Thank you Gina and Catherine. The project is almost completed. Just have to take a few photos of the things I made. :-)