Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Buzzy Bees, Lace and Stitches

I made something new, something I haven't made before. As my not so Little Boy said "Mum, it will take you no time at all, it's so simple for you. It's just a ..." Well, he might be right.

It's just a tea towel. But it's not your ordinary tea towel that all of us have in the kitchen. It's a special, handmade tea towel with extra tiny stitches and cute details. Sweet details that I enjoy spending time on.

I used the same two fabrics for the back as for the front - mauve and lavender with bees cottons. My favourite running stitch is going all the way around the edge of the towel and goes in a swirly line in the middle of the towel to show the bee's track. The bee is a copy of one of the bees from the fabric. A bit of lace goes on top of the towel on the front side. It's a quite simple but sweet towel that would brighten up any kitchen.

A pretty handmade tea towel with cute strawberries made by Gina, inspired me to create today. It inspired me to make this gift for someone very special. Thank you Gina! I just have to pack it now and send it away. Far away. Hope that someone special likes it.

What inspired you today?


  1. This is so pretty!! I love this fabric, the pretty lace, and the beautiful purple running stitch around the edge! Just perfect :)