Friday 15 September 2017

Work in Progress: Pretty Handmades

If you like pink, pretty and handmade little things, then this book is definitely for you. Pretty Handmades is the first book written by Lauren Wright from Molly and Mama and published by Tuva Publishing. It's going to be released on the first of October. When Lauren asked me to join her book tour, I simply could not say no. I adore Lauren's style, her creativity and her attention to the tiniest details. When this book arrived, I could not put it down. It was not just the projects that kept me excited, but the sweet photos and illustrations accompanying every page. 

Most of my sewing is done with my Little One by my side. He loves playing with my sewing machine, buttons, threads and even checking out the pretty pins I have on display. He also loves books. Reading is our daily activity, so it was no wonder that he was happy to go through this book together with me and marvel at every page. Once we reached this little kitten, he got very excited and I knew right away that this little make will be on my to-do list. Of course our kitten had to have the same sleeping bag.

My Little Man carefully chose all the prints in green and and yellow from my Liberty stash. It was a completely new colour combination for me and I have to tell you the truth, I did try convincing him to change his mind, but he stuck to his choice and I am glad he did because I fell in love with this combination, even more so when I saw that it matched my Peter Rabbit tin.

Next up is the most adorable, delicate and full of Lauren's style project. I am really taking my time with this one and enjoying every petal and every stitch. Working with wool felt is truly a pleasure, the softness and warmth of felt makes it even more special. I decided to only use felt I had in my stash, that I bought for making play food, and it gave me an opportunity to combine the colours I usually would not mix together and I am really happy with the result so far.

I cannot wait for my turn on the book tour to show you my small makes. In the meantime go and check out all the darling makes of the talented makers who are joining Lauren's book tour. See you soon! Larisa xox

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