Monday, 29 November 2021

Christmas Coasters

Our Sip Tea and EPP Christmas Sew Along is going strong and we still have some ideas to share with you. During our second week, Irina and I made some coasters. I can never have enough coasters! I love using them and I love gifting them to my friends. They are quick to make and let you try out some new ideas and explore new techniques. It's that kind of make that gives you an instant gratification.

Here is a "Lovely Postcard Coaster" that I made with my ever so favourite Belle and Boo fabric. It takes no time at all to make a coaster like this. All you need is just a few sweet scraps of fabric, some linen or any other solid fabric and fabric stamps that you can easily make following this Cute Fabric Stamps Tutorial

If you would like to make some Postcard coasters for yourself or your friends for Christmas, you still have plenty of time. You can follow this tutorial or, if you are a visual learner like me, you can watch a video tutorial on my YouTube channel.

Irina @nordiccrafter shared a wonderful "Denim Mug Rug" tutorial and I absolutely enjoyed sewing these small cuties. The pattern calls for denim scraps. Unfortunately, I gave away a stack of children’s jeans just a couple of months ago, but that did not stop me. I decided to use the material that I mostly use in my sewing - linen. I got all the scraps of various shades of natural colour and put them together, following the instructions, for this make.

Irina’s pattern is a fantastic scrap buster, not only for fabrics but for batting as well, as Irina shows you how to sew small scraps of batting into large pieces ready to be used for anything, really.

I love the flexibility of this pattern as it encourages you to experiment with the placement of the scraps and inspires you to be creative with your tiny stitches.

Please go over to Irina’s blog to find the tutorial and start sewing right away! I promise, you will love this easy, quick, fun and creative pattern!

When I was little, the first thing we did after the very first snowfall was built a snowman. It was always exciting to run back home and ask Mum for a small carrot for the nose and to dig for some rocks for the eyes hidden under that first soft snow. So I was very happy to make another adorable coaster designed by very creative and talented Irina @nordiccrafter for our Sip Tea and EPP Christmas Sew Along.  A Bauble Coaster!

What a fun make it is! Easy, quick, perfect for any design really. It’s like an empty canvas that you can fill with your favourite childhood memories about Christmas.

Please go over to Irina’s blog to see her original idea and find the instructions for this make.

While working on the Bauble coaster, I felt inspired to create the next whimsical make - a Mitten coaster. After some trials and errors, I came up with a simple, quick to make coaster that is also a clean canvas for any ideas.

I used a wool felt appliqué that is such a pleasure to work with. I copied the bear design from a favourite pyjamas my Little One had years ago. It is going to be a sweet reminder of that gourmet for him and for us as well during this festive season.

If you feel like giving this mitten a go or only want to make the snowman I used for the Bauble coaster, here is a PDF for you. I am planning to film a short video tutorial a bit later for this make. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on IG or send me an email to Have fun! Happy inspirations and happy Christmas sewing! Larisa xo

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