Sunday, 23 February 2014

Just for Fun. Funky Softies

This is Mr Squash, big and lumpy. He loves going on a swing all day long. He is quite wise and well behaved. Most of the time.

This is Miss Eggleton, tall and pretty. She loves getting lost in her dreams, chasing butterflies and picking flowers. She is quite forgetful but has a very kind heart.

This is Bucket Head Junior, the naughtiest bird in town. What do you think he is up to now? Well, he is disturbing the neighbours of course, by chasing all the creatures and making lots of noises. But he is nice and the neighbours like him.

These are Funky Birds. They live in a small lovely place called... I have no idea what it's called, to be honest. Three little friends who simply like hanging, literally hanging around together and getting up to some mischief.

Ever since I sketched Funky Birds last year, I kept thinking of turning them into little softies. Finally I did just that and I think they are rather cute. They are small, no taller than 12cm and very light. But who knows, they might grow even bigger one day.

Have a great week everybody and don't forget to smile! xo


  1. They are so cute and I love the stories about them! :)

    1. Thank you Dina! I like making up funny stories, I believe there is room for some fun in everything we do.

  2. you have a vivid imagination!!! :)