Friday, 7 February 2014

Pretty Gift Tags

What do you think makes any present even more special? Of course a handmade gift tag! So how could I go without any? A sweet addition to my Valentine's Day obsession - handmade gift tags.

Small pieces of linen left over from making notebook covers and envelopes long time ago turned out to be very useful for this project so as the tiny scraps of red fabric and bits of embroidery floss. These pretty gift tags would make a nice bookmark or a handing ornament as well. Don't you think so?

Some lace, french knots and lazy daisies, pink ribbons and a bit of free time on your hands. That's the recipe for the tags above.

What a great way to use your tiniest scraps of fabric. You can cut out any shape you like, combine any prints you want, add a few stitches along the way and here you go - nice and simple gift tag for someone special. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!


  1. These are just beautiful and you can see that they have been made with much love, Larisa!

  2. perfect tags for your Valentine's! I love them!!

  3. How beautiful! I would love to be the recipient of a present with those on :) x

  4. They are absolutely delightful, Larisa - a perfect showcase for your stitching.

  5. Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments!! xo Larisa