Sunday, 17 March 2013

Meet Fedor the Bunny

Hi! My name is Fedor, and as you might have noticed, I am a Bunny. Not your ordinary type of a bunny that you can find in a forest or on a farm. I am a very sophisticated Super Duper Epically SAD Bunny. Yes, very very very very very SAD Bunny. Don't ask me why because I have no idea, this is simply the way I was born. Like my ears for example - you don't ask me why they are so long or floppy, you just accept them the way they are. So please accept me being sad all day every day and all year around. And please do not try making me laugh. It won't work. I promise. So don't waste your precious time on something as pointless as a joke or a funny story.

You might be wondering how old am I. Well, to tell you the truth I am not sure, sometimes I think that I was born already old. Not old old but something like 37 or 43 or maybe 51 or, who knows, even 79. Hmm... that sounds like a lot. But anyway, it does not really matter how old someone is; what matters is  how that someone feels deep deep inside his heart. And I have to tell you that I feel absolutely and totally young but... sad. Why? I don't know why.

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