Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lovely Mail From France

From my secret ATC Swap partner. How exciting! That's what I really like about this swap. You don't know what part of the world you are going to get lovely mail from.

I took my time opening it, I had no idea what card I would find inside. When I opened the yellow envelope, filled with a bit of star and moon glitter (how sweet!), I found a cute "Hello" card with hedgehogs. I love hedgehogs! And these cuties are on a "mail box string phone"! How adorable! But the most important piece was the Artist Trading Card "Spring Morning" made by Carole.

It's a tiny window with curtains and a beautiful view of a rising spring Sun. Do you see the white fence? And the path among the green grass? And the rose bushes next to the window? You know, I even peeked under the frills of the curtains on top of the window and found some lace there. How lovely!

Thank you so much, Carole! Your beautiful card is going to make a lovely addition to my collection. It's going to stay in my sewing nook where I spend a lot of time even when I am not sewing.

Last time I participated in VeryBerryHandmade Swap when it was spring in Australia and I made an Autumn card. This time it's the other way around. It's autumn here and I made a Spring card. How funny! I still cannot tell you which card I sent to my partner because the card is somewhere on its way to... You have to wait a bit. I just hope my partner likes it as much as I liked working on it.


  1. Swapping is always fun and you received a beautiful card!!! Hope your arm is healing up nicely Larisa!!!!

    1. I really enjoyed this swap and love my new addition. My arm is getting better, thank you Gina! I got good news - no surgery! Hooray!!!

  2. What a beautiful ATC! I received a lovely one on the theme of 'books'. So pleased for you that surgery is not needed on your arm.

  3. Thank you, Dina! The card you received is really nice. I cannot want to see where your imagination took you this time around. I am so happy that I can avoid the operation. :-)