Friday, 7 March 2014

Cute as a Button or Stamps Everywhere

Look what I have been playing with! Stamps and ink, buttons and fabric snippets. If I spent a bit more time at my desk the other day, I would've stamped everything around me, that's how much I enjoyed doing that.

I was lucky enough to find fabric ink pads in muted red, brown and green colours by Yellow Owl Workshop. The great things about this ink is that the items you make using it can be washed and the colours don't really fade. It's absolutely wonderful! The first thing I made was these little custom sew-in labels. I made one for the baby quilt and then I got a bit carried away and made quite a few of them. I am sure they will come in handy one day.

You don't need much material to make the tags, just scraps of fabric, a few buttons, embroidery floss, and maybe some stamps and fabric ink. I know, I know, you might be thinking that it takes way too much time for something as small as this. It's much easier to just snip a piece of ribbon and sew it in. But really, when you need that extra special finishing touch and an excuse to play around with stamps - nothing can beat a tiny and a very cute handmade label that takes only minutes to make.

After that, I made a few linen buttons. How much fun I had! The only thing is that you have to apply ink carefully because once you stamp the fabric, there is no way of removing the ink. The buttons are so quick and easy to make and can be used for items of clothing or as decorations for hair clips, bags, even shoes. I have a small idea for these buttons and cannot wait to start working on it. I just hope it works out and looks as good as in my head.

The last thing that I absolutely had to make was fabric post stamps based on Amy's from NanaCompany tutorial. A small addition to my stamps collection. I am still thinking what I am going to make using some of them, nothing yet comes to my mind but I just love making them and have a small box full already. You can never have enough cute stamps.

I love tiny details! I believe that things like that add a special character, a lovely finishing touch to almost anything we make and it's great to make something quick when you really don't have that much free time, but still feel like a bit of sewing or crafting. Have a creative weekend everybody!


  1. i agree with you and sometimes it is the teeny tiny details that are as satisfying to make as the project itself!!! your buttons are adorable and i can't wait to see your plans for them. your tags are cuter than any i've ever seen!! did you use twill ribbon or how did you finish the ends so they don't fray?

    1. My plans will have to wait for a while now. :-( For the tags, I used linen and cotton/linen blend fabric. Take a small rectangular piece of fabric, fold over the long side edges, press well, then fold in half and add a few decorative stitches. I will try writing a quick tutorial in the next few days.