Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Sewing Late at Night

It was last Friday evening when the baby was peacefully asleep and I didn't feel sleepy at all for some odd reason (even thought I have been quite sleep deprived lately). I felt like a bit of hand sewing, making something sweet but useful and quick. A baby bib! They always come in handy.

I used the idea from Susan Wasinger's book Sewn by Hand. I made one bib before using the same idea and it's great. A really quick and satisfying project. This bib has a linen front and a printed cotton back and three layers of cotton in between.

Woodland by Natalie Lymer of Cinderberry Stitches, which was released a few years back, was my choice for the back of this bib and some applique on the front. Just a few toadstools with some stitches around in dark brown thread. I drew a template for this bib that has a pear shape with a straight bottom and it's quite small, just right for an seven month old baby.

I really like this simple bib with frayed edges but I have made the same mistake as the previous time. I left the seam allowance too narrow. I hope that writing one more note to self would help me remember my mistake for the next time.

Note to self: Please do leave a generous seam allowance next time if sewing with medium weight linen to prevent the threads coming off during wash. :-)

Happy sewing! Larisa xox


  1. Your sleep deprivation is a good excuse for your little mistake on this lovely bib!

    1. That's right. I should also use it as an excuse for my forgetfulness. :-)