Friday, 8 August 2014

Asked to Make

My not so Little Son got a present recently - a Boogie Board eWriter. It's a great tool for making notes, writing To-Do lists, making calculations or drawing sketches that you can easily save on your computer. Lucky boy! I might borrow it sometimes for some silly scribbling time. Well, the tablet came without a cover and for my greatest surprise, my son asked me to make him something. Yay!

I couldn't wait to start working on this project. Off we went to the sewing nook to look at the fabric stash. I didn't agree with my son's first choice of fabric - large blue circles, so he had to to look again and again until he found something we both liked. This Zakka Life linen printed in Japan was a perfect choice. I love all the tiny details of this fabric, especially the people on bikes.

The cover has an interesting closure. When you lift the flap, there are no snaps or buttons or any stitching at all. I used four small flat magnets that I glued and fixed in place with  some iron-on interfacing inside the flap and the body of the cover. It's a very delicate, soft type of closure but it works really well.

After some thinking and experimenting, I decided to use the same fabric for the tag as for the body but with a tiny twist. Do you see how the road the bike is on connected to the road of the cover? Very simple but adds to the whole look of the case.

Instead of a small label I chose to make a long decoration along the bottom. I just had to use the piece of selvedge of this fabric as a whole.

The tablet cover turned out nicely and it felt so good to sew again after a long break but I have to admit something. I have made a BIG (in my eyes) mistake - the cover is a bit too short for the tablet. Somehow I miscalculated the length of the fabric and the tablet is sticking out a bit. I was going to make another cover but I didn't have any more of the same fabric. So I just pulled and stretched a bit and ironed well the finished product and it looks alright. My son does not seem to notice it and I just have to accept that making mistakes is really not a big deal.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! Larisa xox


  1. cute and fun cover!! i love the fabric you two decided on and the nice way you worked out the closure!! your son's tablet looks like it would be fun to play with and such a high compliment that he asked you to make a cover for him!!!

    1. Thanks, Gina! I was so happy to be asked by my son to make the cover. It's been a while since I made anything for him really.

  2. What a clever idea for the closure! Another lovely project, Larisa.

    1. Thank you, Dina! The closure turned out to be really nice. It's a great idea for delicate fabrics or small items. The magnets were a bit fiddly to fix in place but the result is good.